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Increase Safety

Security film - Window Tinting Atlanta

Accidents and natural disasters can wreak havoc on your building operations, but you can be better prepared to cope with the aftermath. 3M™ Window Film can help hold broken glass together, preventing flying glass shards, the leading cause of injuries and fatalities.

Engineered to protect people and property Reduce damage and loss of data Lessen business disruptions

Weather the storm.

Commercial Window Film - Bad WeatherKeep your calm before, during and after the storm.

Your building, and especially your windows, are vulnerable to the elements every day of the year. When windows break due to high winds, severe storms or accidental impacts, the cost to replace them could pale in comparison to the costs of lost business, physical harm and damaged property. Protect yourself and your business from the risk of flying glass that could cause injuries and damage with 3M™ Safety & Security Films and 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems.

-Help protect against effects of severe weather
-Reduce risks from blast hazards and impact energy
-Lessen loss of day-to-day business operation


Protect against spontaneous glass breakage.

Commercial window tinting - window securityFortify your glass to reduce the risk of injury or damage.

Tempered glass is stronger than standard annealed glass, but factors such as impurities can cause it to spontaneously explode. When that happens, it can create dangerous openings and even rain glass down on pedestrians.

-Help minimize safety hazards
-Maintain operations while replacing glass

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