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Home Window Tinting AcworthWindow tinting & films dramatically reduces the heat you feel from the sun. When UV rays are eliminated, fading of furniture, flooring, artwork and window treatments is stopped. Views are greatly improved by reducing bright glare and enhancing the contrast. The majority of film has a clear, cool and a pleasant aesthetic quality that enhances any room.

UHS Window Tinting and Blinds are manufactured in the USA with the latest film technologies that dramatically increases the effectiveness and lifespan of the film. 3M films aid in energy savings by cutting heat gain, reducing hot spots and increasing overall comfort. Our installation technicians are insured and professionally trained, serving Acworth Georgia, within the application specifications of residential window tinting that is always in stock.

Energy Savings

Cooling cost can be extremely expensive, especially in the summer months. There is no reason to live and work in an environment with blinds, shutters and curtains that eliminate your view, just to block the heat. Window film is recognized by the US Government as an Energy Star logo “green product” for its factor in reducing energy costs.

Ultra-Vision Series

See our Ultra-Vision Series specifications. Ultra-Vision film is nearly transparent while blocking substantial amounts of heat and glare without inhibiting the view. Ultra-Vision is unique to other film series and its competitors by rejecting up to 85% of Infrared (IR). Infrared accounts for over half of the solar energy that arrives to Earth. (527 watts of IR radiation to every kilowatt of energy per square meter.)

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